Here’s how Simon Gregson might be revealing all about I’m a Celebrity to his wife

The upcoming, first contestant for this year’s I’m a Celebrity will be announced tomorrow. Current title holders Amir Khan and Amir’s brothers, Haroon and Salford are also rumored to be signed up for the show, which, next year, will be broadcast on ITV1 and will take place in Australia.

Which celebrities could be heading to the Aussie jungle next year? Will ex-EastEnders star and panto veteran Simon Gregson be heading Down Under? Gregson may be one of the celebrities “outed” tomorrow, but will he actually be on the show? See my live Q&A with the former Coronation Street actor below.

When did you last appear on TV?

I did a new series of Citizen Khan on Sky One in 2015 and some panto last year, I’m playing Jack in Cinderella. I’ve got some new panto in September which I’m doing in the panto, well I’m not really doing anymore in the panto, but I’m playing the Jack character which is really good, all the kids really love him.

Would you go on I’m a Celebrity?

If they want me, I’d definitely do it. I’ve done a lot of different things over the years. There’s no point in having a hectic schedule and then not doing anything. If it’s the right opportunity, then why not.

How does it feel to be nominated for Best Villain at the National Television Awards?

I’m super excited, it’s something that I’ve never done before so I’m really delighted. It’s quite a different kind of award that I’m getting ready to go on for, it’s sort of like the Dambusters or Bletchley Park-esque.

Have you had any bad reviews yet?

No, I haven’t had any bad reviews at all yet so hopefully I’ll have a lot at the end of the year.

Who do you think will be I’m a Celebrity’s winner?

I like Scarlett and John, but I don’t know who’s going to win.

What do you think of Gogglebox?

It’s a different kind of thing. It’s brilliant TV. We watch TV on Coronation Street, we watch it when we’re bored and have a cup of tea afterwards. It’s so funny. It’s brilliant that people have that connection.

How do you get a hang of it?

Well, like anyone else I find it hilarious.

How do you prepare for a new role?

By watching loads of stuff and doing lots of preparation.

Has anyone ever asked you to do something on Celebrity Big Brother?

No, I have never thought about it. But I’ve heard about it.

If you were Princess Charlotte, what would you buy her?

That’s a good question. I wouldn’t want to know, the constant pressure on parents to buy their kids stuff really. I’m hoping she’ll make her own choices, although I don’t know if she knows the difference between pets and celebrities, but you never know. I’m sure she’ll be just like the rest of us.

Were you involved in any of the Chris Pratt outrage?

No, I wasn’t very interested, I’m too busy doing Coronation Street.

Simon Gregson is an actor, writer and comedian. He has starred in some of the most successful shows on British television – such as Coronation Street, Brookside and Jack and Bryan, and he has also starred in a number of pantomimes. Gregson won the Comedy Award in 2013, the second bestowing of comedy’s highest accolade, after starring in Jack and Bryan.

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