U.S. Airline Flight Attendants Announce With This Video

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Who better to fill us in on the latest from air travel than the ones who have to travel through it every day? I’m talking about flight attendants. They’re like the secret weapon to help keep you calm if the entire cabin faints during the flight.

Well, now they’ve come together to make sure everyone will not only appreciate the level of service they provide on a daily basis, but also feels comfortable flying in the economy class cabin.

According to an article published in Flight International, British Airways and its cabin crew members are a part of the United Airlines Association (UA), which announced the changes at a Wednesday event in Boston. Basically, everybody’s being encouraged to adopt the ‘Simple Things in Business Class’ initiative.

According to the article, the group is working to come up with several ‘basic’ “comforts” that air travelers can expect from the economy cabin in the future.

Here are some examples provided by AA for the understanding of some flight attendants:

The ’12-hour rule’, which allows passengers to pass through security and have their carry-on bags checked at the gate.

A more efficient check-in process, thanks to new cutting-edge technology.

Quality entertainment options, both in the form of movies, videos and TV programs, and soundtracks.

“More roomy seats,” as in a row with two reclining seats. This adds more legroom, plus a comfort zone for all air travelers, while allowing for privacy for passengers with babies.

Time-saving features, such as a new work station with overhead luggage space.

A single electrical outlet for all use, instead of two in each seat and four in each terminal.

Numerous changes for more comfortable sleeping in the aisle, with the flight attendants working in tandem with the pilots.

Personal space on the aircraft, as in the exit row seat, which gives crew members a place to work, relax and charge their electronic devices.

With these more attention-getting features already working for business class passengers, it’s a wonder why we haven’t been experiencing them sooner in the sky. The airlines need to push it now, before it’s too late.

Insiders claim other airlines will soon start to follow suit.

So take notice, and enjoy the comfort, and take the big step for peace of mind in air travel!

Source: Flight International

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