Joy Behar gets backlash for social media rant about ‘wasted holiday’ called ‘Turkey Day’

Comedian Joy Behar has come under fire for recommending to a flummoxed female bartender that they “go home and have a turkey dinner.” The remark, which appeared during a segment about Thanksgiving backlash in a clip obtained by the Daily Mail, has generated a new flurry of insults aimed at the co-host of The View on social media.

On The View, Behar explained the reactions of those who do not recognize her as female when she went off on a tangent about supporting others “in your life.”

“So many women who think this is a holiday for all genders,” she said. “And they do not understand that you cannot go out on a Friday night as a woman and go out after you’ve had this dinner because the guys don’t leave you alone.”

This caused many viewers to express outrage.

@JoyVBehar Please respond to your comments on my FB page. Those people are not you or any of your friends or family. Nor do they represent most women that I know. Respect. — Petra (@taikafl) April 22, 2020

@JoyVBehar Why not refer to yourself as ‘Token Woman’? Are you really insulting and a hypocrite or what? All women should be celebrating @TheView — Lizzy (@Lizzye_M) April 22, 2020

The tweet, which did not make it to the Air Force version of Twitter, was retweeted by at least nine others, one of whom noted that the comedian was referring to the celebratory nature of all-male college traditions.

“If you’re not with the boys this #TurkeyDay, plan to go home and have a turkey dinner,” @JoyVBehar said. #allmale frat after high school night. — Erin (@ErinAndames) April 22, 2020

While some viewers defended Behar’s comments, others have remained outraged.

Isn’t it offensive to suggest that women cannot afford to do multiple things, especially if they don’t wear Manolos and Barbour — Ayana (@AyanaGomezZ) April 22, 2020

Behar’s other controversial comments on The View have attracted debate, too. At a recent show, Behar announced that to live life like a “darn good woman,” she should “bitch back, bitch back and bitch back some more.”

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