Canada weather warning issued over ‘the devil of the west’

This article is over 4 months old

Extreme wind warnings issued for southerly areas of coast, such as Vancouver, where high waves are already present

Canadian forecasters have issued a weather warning for British Columbia that could lead to power failures for thousands of people.

The storm, dubbed “the devil of the west”, is forecast to bring strong winds and waves to several parts of the province before heading to British Columbia’s interior this weekend.

A red alert is being issued for parts of the southern coast, including Vancouver and Prince Rupert, where high seas and sudden surges of water may result in power outages and transportation disruptions, the Canadian Forecast Service said.

It warned Canadians to “defer non-essential travel” until the storm passes.

Forecasters also warned the force of the storm could be felt by some First Nations in inland parts of the province, where they say food and water supplies can be threatened.

Record temperatures and heavy rains have swept across much of British Columbia this month, with thousands of people without power and seven rivers swamping their banks in areas outside Vancouver.

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