Dog travel: Dangerous weekend, days ahead for D.C. airports

After a slew of dogs went missing while traveling abroad, travel groups and pet owners are beginning to get used to the shortened space and tighter controls at the District’s airports.

Delays for all flyers were minimal over the weekend, and there are only a few remaining delays.

C.D.C. Airports assured passengers that the problems from this weekend would not be repeated for at least five years.

D.C. dogs are faring well overseas; many of the airports were open on Saturday and most flights out of C.D.C. should land in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Spain on Sunday.

D.C. did not do well at one airport: Philadelphia International Airport is now experiencing extreme delays for international flights due to recent problems at the French station in France.

We called the FAA’s Customer Service Dispatch yesterday after four dogs flew in from the C.D.C. “Pecis” traveled through the D.C. International Airport and landed safely in Paris.

Five dogs from C.D.C. arrived in Cancun on Air Blue at 9:47 a.m. for a flight to Miami last night. This morning we saw the dog taking off at 7:55 a.m.

Note to readers: Dogs may have gone to Philadelphia before New York, but this is based on one dog’s conversation with a customer service rep at the C.D.C. about whether or not the dogs had arrived in Philadelphia and were now in D.C. C.D.C. does not have a dog transport service.

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