This morning’s top breaking news

Good morning! I’m at the Capital Pride Festival in Arlington, Virginia, this morning, so I’ll just get an early start on this recap.

Evergreen President Janet Napolitano, a major Obama administration appointee, has resigned. Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) tweeted: “Janet Napolitano stepping down as Evergreen’s president is a devastating blow to the Equality Center. Janet was a strong leader who raised the Center to great heights, restoring hope to our members and allies and seeing Evergreen continue on a great trajectory of growth and success.” That’s the most positive way to describe her. Meanwhile, in East Harlem, a mattress store is screaming itself out. The story from Johnny Dollar-Speaking.

Still more at evergreen: Representative Earl Blumenauer (@RepBlumenauer) tweeted: “Never cease to amaze me how some folks have such absolutely no sense of history… When President Obama appointed me to the Committee on Appropriations in 2010, it was an honor. It turns out I was never actually appointed… Just assumed I was appointed, so I quit.” But if you ask me, there are many significant accomplishments and had Blumenauer been active throughout his tenure, an army of staff and activists likely would’ve kept Congress focused on the progress that’s been made on civil rights.

Good morning, and thank you to Sarah Binder for setting this up for us. That should make a few of you writing in and thanking her for your information.

Mark Speigel contributed reporting from the National Press Club yesterday.

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