Holiday windows in New York City take aim at winter holiday cheer

Manhattan’s annual holiday window display has returned to store windows like clockwork since the 1830s, with a bizarre array of media-created images now synonymous with the city’s unique Christmas holiday.

Like Christmases past, the 2018 edition promises a whimsical holiday season no matter what mood you’re in this season. There’s CNN’s “blue journalism” on the Upper East Side, in 2017 when a pop-up CNN360 set was added to the Macy’s flagship store. Reuters’ giant drone flies over Times Square, shooting its holiday memories and a confection featuring American tourists in their finery.

This year, MTA’s N, Q, and R train stop structures are themed as Thanksgiving dinner table settings. It’s reminiscent of the scenes out of the popular Mad Men TV series.

And let’s not forget the omnipresent nativity scene. Every year, the outdoor windows of department stores prominently feature scenes inspired by the plot of the popular miniseries set in ancient Jerusalem.

Tons of holiday spirit

The holiday windows highlight what makes Manhattan (and New York City as a whole) so amazing: that Christmas spirit thrives in the bustling heart of business.

Every year the holiday window displays tell stories, and they bring meaning to our lives every day. These stories take us from a turkey dinner at home to hiding from delivery men. And it takes us along in the rides on the subway.

Holiday destinations such as Times Square give New Yorkers a real NYC-dream holiday.

There’s a memorable “The Polar Express” scene and advertisements from Star Wars and Marvel. The city’s steep streets and multiple types of landmarks carry us into these holiday visions.

The outdoor windows make the holiday season feel so much more immersive and gives us a reminder of a world filled with all our best holiday memories. There’s something magical about seeing Macy’s in full holiday makeup. But many other shoppers could relate to what makes New York City special: awe-inspiring landmarks and some the best retail experiences in the world.

Somewhere in all this wonder, there’s a Christmas story. And you can be a part of it.

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