Parents Stole Children Away From Dutch Hospital After Their Son’s Death, Report Says

UPDATED: Thursday, 10:17 a.m. EST

Police in the Netherlands have reportedly taken a couple who allegedly slipped out of quarantine to a commercial airline flight to London.

Amsterdam Police notified Air Greenland that a couple from Den Bosch and Kalkolenie left Den Bosch on January 1, 2018 and boarded an Air Greenland flight to London on January 2, according to uk.heart.

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Their names have not been made public, but according to the report, the couple left a facility on New Year’s Day and boarded an Air Greenland flight on New Year’s Eve.

The purpose of their trip was not immediately clear. The Dutch public broadcaster, BNR, reported that it was suspected they boarded the plane to get out of the country, to the UK.

Another Dutch media outlet also reported that the couple left the country. But on Thursday, a city official told NewsChannel 5 the couple traveled to Thailand.

Another Dutch official told MailOnline the couple left a psychiatric hospital.

The man said on his Facebook page that he was in Den Bosch on December 31, 2017 and that he was trying to get to “mommy” before Christmas.

The Christian Register reported that the man and woman who left the Netherlands face charges of causing illness through negligence.

A microbiologist said the couple had a disease that had spread from one person to another.

“The baby was the significant decoy because he had no immunity,” said medical researcher Doctor Patrick O’Neill of the Barometer Institute in Oslo, Norway. “As you can imagine, once he was infected, nobody would be susceptible.”

“Even if the mother had the immunity, if the baby is infected it wouldn’t make a difference because you get resistance from the other person. So if the baby is infected it will transfer to the mom,” he said.

Local authorities in Den Bosch began noticing symptoms on December 28, 2017. A child with an unusual rash with gangrene appeared to have suffered from diphtheria, fever, infection of his wound site, an enterocolitis, arteriosclerosis and scarring to the brain.

The 10-day hospitalization began on December 27, 2017 and finished on January 2, 2018. The infected child was released from the hospital on January 2, 2018.

“The infants and children’s health care is maintained through people who have immunity, so [we are] doing our job and protecting other children, and, with the help of the hospitals, taking a look at this couple,” explained Magdeline Gehrke, the spokeswoman for the state health authority NVWU.

The source of the infection is still unknown.

This is a developing story. Keep checking back for updates.

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