This Australian singer went on an epic social media rant to fight back at claims of sexual assault

Australian singer Cody Simpson’s social media meltdown, which began on Tuesday, has concluded.

When he released a new video to his Instagram story, Simpson immediately got into a heated confrontation with fans of the album, claiming that the song “Trophy” was his interpretation of a violent sexual assault. The track, which is taken from his upcoming album Cadence, involves a party drug.

“But where is where she ran & kicked my ass out,” Simpson raps. “I guess she didn’t want her memento.” Simpson also mentions a finger which he gives to his other “Trophy,” who is “got the blade she’s almost ready.”

The disagreement exploded when one Instagram fan asked Simpson, “Yo man, can u explain why u called that the other night and that was rape a bunch of women were saying.” The Australian singer did not deny that the song was sexual assault, instead calling the claim “deceptive and [a] crooked tactic.”

Simpson’s comments led to a heated exchange with fellow followers, most of whom wanted him to apologize, particularly to the women who appeared in the song.

Another follower tweeted: “You [shouldn’t] have said ‘You asked the question I will answer the questions [you] asked.’ That was derogatory, a little dangerous and a little dumb to do.”

The speculation as to why a song lyrics about sexual assault was initially released drew even more attention as to why so many commenters appeared to be fans of Cody. (Cadence’s album is set to be released July 12.)

At one point, Simpson himself told others to “just chill out” and “let it go” and expressed his appreciation for the fans who were defending him.

The 25-year-old isn’t the first to have faced social media scrutiny for his choice of words. Late last year, Young Thug got in a spat with Jaden Smith and his fiancée Sarah Snyder on Twitter, accusing Snyder of posting “a fake loving message of mine in order to promote myself.” The Canadian rapper commented, “that s— is stupid when u know you’re just gonna disrespect every woman you f—- with at will.” However, Thugger later clarified that he was referring to the “pretty much every female human you f— with at will.”

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