Dan Kramer’s Big Cat photographs capture elusive subspecies of the leopard

The love of big cats and the “myth” of the leopard has been the driving force behind Dan Kramer’s photography career. His work has appeared in publications across the globe, but he felt compelled to focus on the ultimate wild cat as he ventured to Africa.

“I think it has always been my calling but I also loved the ‘myth’ of the leopard and getting to photograph them is my ultimate goal. I also really like the animals, I think they are really amazing,” Kramer told Fox News.

While spending the next few weeks in Tanzania photographing great apes with New York’s Professional Wildlife Photo Coalition he also had the opportunity to tour the infamous Serengeti, a World Heritage Site in the region, and these pictures were captured during that time.

“It was a really incredible, relaxed, peaceful but terrifying time,” he said.

For Kramer, it is the leopard’s final push for survival that moves him to capture the faces of the apex predator.

“In 2016, the Serengeti plains experienced a near-pandemic of leopard related catkillings. I decided I needed to document these incredible animals again, specifically the big cats of this area,” Kramer said.

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