World’s highest infinity pool debuts in Italy

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Pavillion de la Leis-de-Pine, Amalfi, Italy

Measuring just nine meters (31 feet) across, World’s highest infinity pool lives in two tiers.

As infinity pools go, it’s not quite the ultimate infinity experience.

Nonetheless, it is likely to get a lot of attention for its visual styling.

On Friday, the pool in the Villavicencio Resort and Spa in Amalfi, Italy , was officially unveiled at a news conference with journalist and TV presenter, Catriona McKenzie.

The 9-meter (31-foot) length of the pool has been fabricated by tyelta, an Italian engineering group. It also has an 18-meter (59-foot) top height.

Thanks to a combination of hexagonal steps and horizontal bands, it creates an almost zero-gravity effect as water streams into the pool. It has solar-powered lights.

The pool has an 18-meter (59-foot) top height. Credit: Villavicencio Resort and Spa

Exterior light bulb lighting provides extra illumination. Credit: Villavicencio Resort and Spa

Footings and pipes have been used to create a canopy-like covering, which includes two vertical ropes, lighting and sound, to create a dynamic effect.

When it is built, the pool will occupy a mezzanine lounge, a terrace and a pool area.

Pavillion de la Leis-de-Pine is part of the Villavicencio Resort and Spa, a six-star property with five restaurants, two infinity pools and a Siji Spa .

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