Jeffrey Epstein’s chief witnesses: Bill Clinton, Trump and Prince Andrew

An aviation pilot who was a witness in the Jeffrey Epstein case testified Wednesday that former President Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew flew aboard Epstein’s private jet multiple times, among other key moments in the case.

An attorney for Epstein, a Wall Street financier convicted of soliciting underage girls for prostitution, was asked during testimony in the eighth week of his appeal of his conviction if any of the former presidents or princes flew aboard Epstein’s plane in the 1990s.

The pilot, Scott Abraham, the first person to testify in the case, testified that while Epstein’s plane was registered under the letters CFM, it was actually called the “FHT”, according to ABC News. He testified that the plane featured “Three-way Kiss” and “Magnetic Buckyballs” on its ceiling and interior, referring to the inflatable silk balloons frequently flown in films.

Several former presidents are among Epstein’s wealthy supporters, including Clinton, Trump and the Duke of York, Prince Andrew. Clinton is not among those accused of sexual misconduct by Epstein.

And the pilot admitted under cross-examination that he did not know whether any of the individuals involved in flying with Epstein, known in court filings by his initials J.A., have been accused of sexual misconduct.

The attorney, Jordan Harris, tried to get Abraham to acknowledge that Jackson Jenkins, a lawyer for Epstein, and Andrew Soros, a longtime friend of the former British royal, both registered the same aircraft code.

“No one was ever accused of sex crimes by either Mr. Jenkins or Mr. Soros,” Abraham responded. “I wasn’t aware that any of them were accused. I had no idea who J.A. was. I don’t know anything about Mr. Soros, Mr. Jenkins, other than they had similar aircraft.”

Abraham, who worked for about a year for Epstein’s charter firm, said he had never seen Epstein physically abuse his sex slaves. He first met Epstein at Epstein’s annual “Rhubarb” gala in 1997, according to court filings. Epstein gave Abraham his personal plane code. Abraham soon flew a couple of times on his own as well.

Epstein is appealing his conviction for soliciting underage girls for prostitution. Two women he admitted to having sex with – who are both listed as victims under federal court case numbers – testified that he paid them to meet him at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City and at a Manhattan hotel and resorts in the Dominican Republic and Thailand.

In addition to providing the details on the dukedom’s names, Abrams pointed out that many of the officials whom he had served on board Epstein’s plane during his flight test phase were “named after,” or were descendants of, famous royalty or powerful political leaders. Abraham stated that his flight test phase began just four months after President Bill Clinton left office and ended six months before then-President George W. Bush took office.

Abraham also testified about the styles and logos he had implemented while working for Epstein’s charter company, Global Executions Charter. Abraham said he had been instructed by Epstein to have his plane fly, say and coordinate its make, model and registration number in “certain languages” during the launch of the program.

It is unclear who Abraham’s flight test was for.

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