New Mercedes SL65 AMG enters production

The sleek and sporty Mercedes SL65 AMG — the most powerful car ever made — rides off the, multi-million dollar assembly line in Sindelfingen, Germany. It’s powered by the radical twin-turbo V8 5.5 liters, which produces a staggering 862 horsepower — and for the first time the Special Service Wing at the Mercedes Benz Tower has been given the opportunity to configure the SL65.

In March this year, 130 cars from the base 523 hp SL 550 produced by special vehicle division Mercedes-AMG were shipped into service worldwide, and around 20 sets of the global Special Service Wing’s ML63 AMG models were also to be modified.

The final SL65 will be built in Sindelfingen at the end of April. The company is expected to offer around 80 of the extra powerful AMG-manufactured E63 AMG models worldwide.

The SL65 was designed for Formula 1 racers, with the power plant handled by a specially designed computer-controlled SCG4 electronically-controlled engine as well as a completely new suspension package. It features a new, three-bar suspension unit, while long-wheelbase (up to 5.3 inches) AMG-specific exhausts make up part of the full gated exhaust system, which it claims delivers the vehicle with the power the driver desires.

So, will Mercedes leave you feeling self-conscious with that massive Aston Martin Vantage, or how about making sure that your next corner is over in the quickest time possible?

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